Steamgard System ®

Steamgard System

STEAMGARD® Technology has no moving parts for dependable, long term performance. Based on experience, device with moving parts have very big possibility of failure. By eliminating the need for moving parts, this system has eliminates the need to inventory expensive spare parts. Many customers report the STEAMGARD® units that has been installed more than 20 years ago are still in everyday use; with NO FAILURES.

THE STEAMGARD SYSTEM® applies two-phase flow technology principal to a modified Venturi configuration to restrict steam flow while allowing continuous condensate removal. Steam and condensate pass through the STEAMGARD® unit in a series of staged steps. The denser liquid (condensate) throttles the nozzle, which keeps the steam from escaping. Erosive eddy currents are eliminated and any contamination is carried away with the condensate. Because condensate is created continuously in a working steam system, the condensate continuously chokes the nozzle from losing steam, as condensate is removed continuously.

THE STEAMGARD SYSTEM® has no moving parts, its components includes:

  • Modified Venturi nozzle to remove condensate
  • A strainer and secondary screen to protect the nozzle
  • A blowdown valve to clean the strainer of debris

How Steamgard Works

If you would like to learn and have deeper understanding about this system, you may visit STEAMGARD® Official Website or make appointment with us by email to Its our pleasure to explain further regarding this product and how you can increase your profit.