Shinhama Recovery Pump

As commonly known, there are 2 type of system; Open System, and Closed System. Open system is where condensate return to the feed water tank or drained, while the closed system is where condensate are fed back into the boiler.

Closed System are very much more efficient compared to Open System, as it feeds back condensate back to the boiler the temperature will be maintained, energy that used for heat up the boiler will be less, and significant savings will be obtained.

SHINHAMA PUMP MFG. CO. LTD has produced high-pressure pump to accomodate Closed System, it pump the condensate with high-pressure system back to water boiler to minimize temperature drop on condensate return.

SHINHAMA Condensate Recovery Unit is the equipment that directly attached to the boiler and used as feed pump. The expectation is to minimize temperature dropped when condensate return runs along the system, therefore it is very possible to save both water and energy.

Utilization of this device will produce significant energy savings, since the heat are recovered operational cost will be decreased. Other benefits by using this Recovery Unit is is easy to operates with simple structure, compact size which requires less installation space, and this pump have reliable parts that designed for high-temperature and high-pressure conditions.

It is important to know how big is your system, so you may found which type of the pump suits you. For the system that generates up to 3 Tons of condensate per hour will need the SDW Model, while STK Model will be more suitable for larger system:

SDW Pump Model

SDW Model

STK Pump Model

STK Model

If you would like to learn and have deeper understanding about this system, you may visit Shinhama Official Website or make appointment with us by email to Its our pleasure to explain further regarding this product and how you can increase your profit.