Pentax Water Pumps

Where there's water, there's Pentax

Handling water and natural or synthetic fluids is a key aspect in the production process of many companies. Therefore the choice of pumps and distribution systems has a direct impact on the level of competitiveness and profitability of your Company. Top cutting-edge firms already rely on Pentax, because they know they can count on the high performance and reliability the company has become synonymous with. Regardless of the use they are intended for, Pentax's pumps stand the test of time, wear and chemical or environmental attacks, whilst maintaining excellent operating standards.

The power of water is on our side


One of Pentax's main distinctive features right from the beginning was its extensive manufacturing flexibility. On the one hand, this means being able to reduce the time to process your order to a minimum and on the other hand, being able to quickly adapt to sudden changes in demand both in terms of quantity and product range. Considering the entire range of motor-driven pumps from 0.37 to 37 kW, Pentax currently produces an average of 3000 machines per day. This figure can easily be increased by even 25%. All the machines we produce are individually (and not by sample) subjected to functional, electrical and hydraulic tests to ensure a 100% reliable commissioning.

Pentax. The spring of ideas


In recent years R&D investments allowed us to plan a comprehensive innovation programme not only for the products, but also for the machines used for the various processes. This is why Pentax has designed and built two fully automated rooms with high-tech equipment to study and test newly-created prototypes. This ensures the continuous expansion and renewal of our product range and also a strong economy of scale to offer you competitive solutions.

If you would like to learn and have deeper understanding about this system, you may visit Pentax Official Website or make appointment with us by email to Its our pleasure to explain further regarding this product and how you can increase your profit.